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Starting a user research program for your games can be an overwhelming prospect

How can you set yourself up for success when you embark on your own games user research journey? With so many considerations and methods available, this tailored piece of content seeks to educate small and large studios on the ins and outs of creating the right research program for their game.

Get confident when YOU make those critical first decisions. In this playbook on how to carry out user research for mobile games, you’ll learn:

  • The principles and aims of playtesting

  • Methodologies and approaches

  • Player recruitment approaches and challenges

  • DIY approaches vs. paid solutions

  • Analyzing your data

  • Reporting your data

  • ...and more!

We’ve paired each theme with case studies and real-life examples from PlaytestCloud, so get prepared for your insider look at how we address games user research challenges, particularly when mobile playtesting remotely. 

About the Author

Dr. Gareth Lloyd is an applied psychology researcher turned games user research specialist, with 20 years of research experience. He has carried out user research work on more than 80 games, from AAA console titles, to chart-topping mobile games, to games by indie and solo developers.

Who is this book for?

User researchers

Smaller studios
and solo developers

Students & Juniors

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